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Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?
Jeanette Winterson
Death of a Red Heroine
Qiu Xiaolong
Dreams of a Robot Dancing Bee
James Tate
Fire Logic: An Elemental Logic Novel
Laurie J. Marks
The Ghost Soldiers
James Tate
Emma Tupper's Diary
Peter Dickinson
Mothers and Others: The Evolutionary Origins of Mutual Understanding
Sarah Blaffer Hrdy
Ninety-Five: Meeting America's Farmed Animals in Stories and Photographs
No Voice Unheard, Davida Gypsy Breier, Diane Leigh, Marilee Geyer
Twin Spica: Volume 12
Kou Yaginuma
Horse of a Different Color: Stories
Howard Waldrop

Queen of America

Queen of America - Luis Alberto Urrea Not as strong as The Hummingbird's Daughter. Maybe too broad? Still a strong book (loved THD, see?) and a crazy tale that needs to be a fully annotated wiki or something (Ok, expanded ebook, whatever, although I don't know if I'd like stopping to watch videos or whatever.) given how much of it is based on real people.